Weather Blog: An Unseasonably Cold November Morning

Posted at 8:30 AM, Nov 12, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-12 12:42:08-05

Good Cold Tuesday bloggers,

This a map of the unofficial low temperatures across the USA this morning. If you wanted to leave the house without a jacket this morning you would have needed to be in LA, Phoenix or Miami. This is quite an early season cold air mass. KC hit 8° missing the record by 2 degrees (average low is 36°). The low in Brownsville, TX was 37° and the record is 36°. The average low in Brownsville, TX for today is 55°. The record in Houston is 26° so, they missed the record by 10 degrees. Note, these lows are unofficial as in between hours at all of these locations temperatures may have dipped by a degree or two. So, the bottom line is that this can happen this time of year, all the way to the Gulf coast, some records will be broken, and it is ridiculously cold!

The weather pattern the next 5-7 days will calm down. We do not see any big storm systems. A few small systems will race by with periods of wind and clouds and perhaps sprinkles or brief rain showers. These are timed for Wednesday and the weekend. Temperatures will moderate as well. We will be seeing highs around 40° Wednesday and Thursday, 45°-55° Friday into the weekend and early next week we will make a run at the 60s!

Have a great day.