Weather Blog - Another Blocking Pattern Leading To Another Cold Front

Posted at 10:35 AM, May 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-24 11:41:32-04

Good late morning or early afternoon bloggers,

It rained 9 days in a row, and 10 is the record. It has happened two times in Kansas City's weather recorded history. In 19`14, It rained every day from October 5th to the 14th. And, in 1903, it rained 10 straight days at the end of May into early June. For the streak to continue today, it will have to be something that forms this afternoon. The rain showers this morning missed KCI Airport.

Blocking Pattern
Blocking Pattern

Another blocking pattern is developing. Look at the twin upper level high height areas over northern Greenland, and north of Alaska. These are really strong features, and it will result in another pretty strong cold front for this time of the year.


The cold front will be developing way up north Tuesday, and then it will be on our doorstep Thursday as you can see below:


There are a few minor risks of severe weather showing up for the middle of the week ahead of this cold front, but I have low confidence in any risk at this moment. Remember, incredibly there has been no tornado watches this year in the KC metro counties, and the last tornado watch was almost two years ago. Thursday is the two year anniversary of the Linwood EF-4 tornado. We see nothing like that set up, and there are only three to four weeks left of tornado season.

For today, expect a great spring day with a mixture of clouds and sun. There is just a slim chance of a brief shower or thunderstorm later today.

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