Weather Blog: Big warm-up, maybe snow by Monday

9 PM Sunday Forecast
Posted at 3:58 PM, Mar 03, 2022
and last updated 2022-03-04 11:01:56-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Good evening bloggers,

Let me introduce you to our next storm system. Actually, there is a series of storm systems that will begin affecting us.

It will start with a windy warm-up ahead of storm number one, and then a chance of thunderstorms and snow from storm number two and a possible storm number three later next week.

Winter & spring are going to battle and winter is going to try to win again.

3:45 PM surface map:

Thursday Afternoon Surface Map

A front was stalled over southern Kansas and southern Missouri on Thursday afternoon.

70s and 80s were common south of the front and 50s or colder north of the front. This stationary front will let loose and shift way north on Friday. This will lead to a windy warm-up!

Then storm number one, which is hitting California Friday, is moving our way. Then, storm number 2 will slide down the west coast and turn our way.

6 PM Saturday Forecast

This forecast map above shows our first chance of rain on Saturday evening.

There is a slim possibility for a few stronger to severe thunderstorms in our area Saturday evening, so we will be monitoring this closely. The main energy of this first storm will track north of KC, and you can see the snow over northern Nebraska into the Dakotas.

After this storm moves by, colder air will settle in for Sunday, and then our attention will focus on the second storm. This second storm has a chance to bring us some badly needed moisture. It has been dry, and this has a chance of producing half an inch to an inch of rain before any chance of snow arrives.

9 PM Sunday Forecast:

9 PM Sunday Forecast

This is the European Model solution of the second storm, and the other models are in agreement at the moment.

Just like most of our storm systems this season, we will be looking at the tilt and strength of this storm system as it approaches. The snowier models are holding the storm together. It is still three to four days away, and it will be interesting and likely fun to track.

Noon Monday Forecast:

Noon Monday Forecast

By noon Monday, most of the models place Kansas City in the comma head of this storm. This is where the heaviest snow falls.

Some models have 6 inches of snow or more in the KC area, while others have around 1 inch or so. There has been a trend toward this snowier solution. Let's see if this trend continues.

In the mean time, another warm-up is on the way, and it will come with a lot of wind.

The winds will likely gust to more than 30 miles per hour Friday and Saturday before a cold front moves through Saturday night. Expect highs into the 70s the next two days!

Thank you for sharing in this weather experience and spending a few minutes of your day reading the weather blog. We will go in-depth on KSHB-41 tonight and Friday as we learn more.

I am going on vacation next week - you know how I hate missing a storm. I will likely do updates from the road!

Yes, I knew when I planned this trip KC would likely have a storm. It is Wes Peery's fault, as he took the next week off, and I switched my week to this one!

Have a great night and Friday morning. We will update the blog as this storm approaches!