Weather Blog - The sun returns after another morning shower

Rainfall Totals Last 3-Days
Posted at 7:43 AM, Jul 27, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-27 09:26:26-04

Good morning bloggers,

As you wake up this morning, there is one area of rain now exiting the region. It was raining when I took Sunny & Rainbow out for their early morning walk, but it was just coming to an end. Here is the 7:18 AM radar:

Morning Radar

I will get to the cooler summer forecast in just a second. Let's look at some rainfall totals in the past 3-days. St. Louis had an epic rain event, their wettest day in St. Louis recorded history with over 10" of rain in the past three days:

Rainfall Totals Last 3-Days

Here in Kansas City, we have also had some of these higher rainfall amounts and there is an. Areal Flood Advisory for some locations just south and southwest of the KC metro area.

Rainfall Totals

Every spot has had measurable rainfall, which is 0.01" or more. It has still been hit or miss with some high rainfall totals just south of. downtown KC.

We are still in the cooler summer air mass that arrived Sunday, and it will continue through this weekend, and then a big warm up is likely next week.

Morning Temperatures

The weather pattern is cycling perfectly according to the LRC. As we have been sharing with you since this pattern set up last fall, the LRC is cycling at close to every 9-weeks. Look at how the July 24th pattern is quite similar to the January 13th pattern. We are looking at the river of air above us around 18,000 feet up, what we call the 500 mb level:


The top left map shows the winter cycle of this years pattern, and the map on the right shows the summer cycle, from just a few days ago. Look at that upper low, a double barreled upper low over Canada. You can't make this up. The weather pattern is cycling perfectly and this is not a coincidence. This is the LRC. Weather 20/20 predicted this cooler and wetter week 6-months ago.

The LRC is also the reason why hurricane season is so quiet. We will discuss this fact next week. There is no sign of any tropical development for at least another two weeks over the Atlantic basin. There are meteorologists around the world trying to figure out why it has been so quiet. Well, as many of you know, we predicted the quiet season last March and everything is on target. We will discuss these developments, or non-developments in a blog next week. Or, you can learn more by joining the Weather 20/20 Substack account at Quiet Hurricane Season

Kansas City Forecast Time-Line:

  • Today: The early morning rain is just about over. Expect some sunshine to pop out today. High: 84°
  • Tonight: A chance of showers and thunderstorm mainly south of I-70 later tonight. Low: 67°
  • Thursday: A chance of early morning showers and thunderstorms and then partly cloudy. High: 80°

I am still on vacation a few more days. Rainbow, Sunny, Andy, and I went to Colorado on a road trip and had some interesting weather there, as I shared on Twitter @glezak & Facebook ( I will be back to work on Monday, but I am still on Sports Radio 810 WHB each morning at 7:55.

Have a great day! I am going to see the movie Elvis today!