Weather Blog | Break down of severe weather developing Monday afternoon

Stay weather aware as severe storms develop into this evening
Posted at 1:20 PM, Apr 01, 2024
and last updated 2024-04-01 17:15:08-04

Prepare for an active Monday afternoon and evening as a strong storm system sweeps across the Kansas City area.

A very strong warm front will unleash impressive warmth up to 36 Highway with highs nearing 80 degrees. Dew points will also increase into the low and mid-60s, which is an important ingredient for heavy thunderstorms to develop.


Around mid-afternoon, as temperatures warm up even more, the CAP will break and allow for the growth of large thunderstorms close to Kansas City.

At this time, all severe weather hazards are possible — large hail, strong wind and tornadoes.


The risk of stronger tornadoes is favored in central and eastern Missouri from isolated supercells after 4-5 p.m.

tor risk.jpg

Any individual storm will grow into clusters, transitioning the biggest threat to damaging wind and flooding most likely soon after sunset — between 8-11 p.m.


A cold front will put an end to any severe weather by 10 p.m. to midnight in Kansas City as a chilly rain is expected to linger through Tuesday morning.

How to prepare today?
- Monitor and stay up to date with the changing forecast.
- Keep your phone fully charged and ringer loud for weather alerts.
- Have multiple ways of receiving weather alerts (sirens, phone, NOAA radio, TV, etc.)
- Have a plan and be ready to execute.

We will have you covered from all angles today!