Weather Blog - Christmas Eve Record & Maybe Snow In 8-Days

GFS Model Forecast for January 2
Posted at 7:53 AM, Dec 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-24 09:16:06-05

Merry Christmas Eve Bloggers,

Something amazing happened overnight with our temperatures. When I was on the air during the 10 PM newscast on KSHB-41 last night, it was 40 degrees. I discussed how it would warm up overnight, and my goodness did it ever. Take a look:

  • 10 PM Thursday night: 40°
  • 11 PM: 45°
  • 12 AM: 46°
  • 1 AM: 46°
  • 2 AM: 46°
  • 3 AM: 47°
  • 4 AM: 47°
  • 5 AM: 49°
  • 6 AM: 53°
  • 7 AM: 54°

This 14-degree warm up happened before sunrise. WOW! And, now we are heading into the warmest Christmas Eve in KC's recorded history. The record high is 66°, set back in 1955. We are forecasting 68° this afternoon.

Where is the snow? If it doesn't snow by January 2nd, then we will be moving way up this list of the latest first measurable snows ever:

Latest Measurable Snow In KC

Kansas City has NEVER gone past January 21st without that small amount of 1/10th of an inch. There is something showing up that just may end this long stretch without snow.

While it was warming up overnight, the American Model (GFS Model) came out with this:

GFS Model Forecast for January 2

What is this? Is there even a chance of this? It shows a 2" to 5" snowstorm tracking over KC beginning on New Year's Day, one week from tomorrow. What are the chances that this is accurate? Very low at the moment, but I am saying there is a chance.

At this moment, this is the only model to have this snowy solution. All of the others are dry with the energy of this storm all spread out. We will be looking for the models to begin showing this more consistently over the holiday weekend, as it seems like a Christmas Miracle at the moment, but may again be just a dream for snow lovers out there.

Kansas City Forecast Thoughts:

  • There is a low pressure system approaching KC, and this is why we are warming up this morning. There is a chance of a few brief showers after sunset tonight.
  • Christmas Day looks dry all around KC, so no travel problems are expected from here to Denver; to Chicago, St. Louis, or Dallas!
  • Sunday: The Chiefs will host the Pittsburgh Steelers. Another warm up will be in progress. There is a chance of a few showers late on Sunday, so we will monitor that for some impact on the game. It may wait until after the game is over. Temperatures will be warming up like today with the biggest warm up happening Sunday after sunset, as it is similar to what we experienced last night

I will be tracking Santa tonight on KSHB-41 at 10 PM, and we will update you on this possible first storm of 2022. You will be able to tell if I am excited about it or not. Thank you for sharing in this weather experience. Have a great holiday!