Weather Blog: Clouds, Cold, More Snow?

Posted at 8:55 AM, Jan 27, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-27 09:55:21-05

Good Monday bloggers,

We start the work and school week with most of the dense fog east of Kansas City. There are still slick spots from refreezing and if your car was parked outside, there was likely a thick frost on it. The sun will be out for a few hours this morning but a large area of low clouds will move in by noon. We have an increasing chance of snow later Tuesday night. Let's go day by day through Super Bowl Sunday.

TODAY: It will become cloudy this morning with highs today in the 30s. Any fog will lift by noon. There are slick spots out there, especially on bridges and overpasses.

TUESDAY: Do you want an example of how fast the weather can change in the plains? Look at Dodge City, KS at 4 PM today. They are mostly cloudy and 50. By Tuesday morning, at 5 AM, they are in a snowstorm with temperatures at 32. We will be cloudy all day tomorrow with some freezing fog possible. Lows will be around 30 and highs will be in the low 30s. The storm to our southwest will mostly stay to our south, but there is a northward extension that we have to watch for Tuesday night. It could bring us a period of snow.

WEDNESDAY: The main storm will be tracking to our south early in the morning. On this data, the north extension is moving across and could bring a quick dusting to 1" of snow. Any weaker on the north extension, then we see flurries. If we get the snow, it will exit Wednesday morning as the clouds remain. Lows will be 25-30 with highs 30-35 around here.

SNOWFALL FORECAST: It looks like a 4"-10" snow storm for southwest Kansas into the Oklahoma and Texas panhandles. Our area could see a dusting to 1".

THURSDAY: The clouds will continue with lows 25-30 and highs 30-35. The wind will be light and this is the issue as we do not have enough wind to push out this cold and moist air mass.

FRIDAY: We will still be in the clouds and a weak system could bring a few snow and rain showers. If you are headed to Miami there is one system to watch. On Friday it will be moving through the deep south and Gulf of Mexico. This storm will bring a period of rain and thunderstorms for a few hours Friday night into Saturday in Miami. We will see highs in the 30s, with 70s in Miami.

SATURDAY: We are still cloudy and in the 30s with Miami having the showers and a few thunderstorms with highs in the 70s.

SUPER BOWL SUNDAY: This may be a sign. After 6 days of clouds and cold, Sunday becomes sunny and jumps to the 50s! Miami will be sunny with temperatures in the 60s at kickoff. Highs will be 70-75.

Have a great week. GO CHIEFS!