Weather Blog - First Freeze to 71° by Sunday

Down To 29°
Posted at 7:51 AM, Nov 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-03 10:04:43-04

Good morning bloggers,

After I posted the blog, it dropped to 29°. Take a look:

Down To 29°

We actually had our second freeze this morning. Here is a gorgeous picture of a perfect leaf. There are many of these all over the city right now. Take a minute and experience this gorgeous fall season:

Beautiful Fall Foliage

It dropped to 29 degrees this morning for what I thought was our first freeze, and there is a chance of another one tonight. And, then how does 71° sound? It was actually 32° officially yesterday morning, but that may have been just above 32°. In other words, it may have been 32.1° which is still above the freezing point! Anyway, officially the first freeze will go down as November 2, 2021.

Jeff Sattler took this picture in the KC metro area this morning. We had some dense fog and frost develop as the sunrise was in progress this morning. The fog will burn off and we will end up with some sunshine later. Expect a high temperature of 49° today.


A huge warm up is heading our way. A big ridge aloft is forming and moving overhead over the weekend. As this ridge moves across the Rocky Mountains and out over the plains, our winds will increase from the south and temperatures reaching 70 degrees or warmer will be likely in a few spots.

Ridge Forms

Then, by mid-next week, a negatively tilted trough will zip out into the middle of the nation. A negatively tilted trough "tilts" to the right, and a positively tilted trough leans from northeast to southwest, or to the left. Negatively tilted troughs are much more energetic, and this one needs to be watched closely next week. I will discuss this in more detail on the air tonight. This system will likely be a strong storm, but it may end up tracking north of KC. I am not sold on that yet, so let's see how the models trend.

Negatively Tilted Trough Valid Next Wednesday

October Stats:

October Stats

We had our first snowflakes yesterday on Monday, and now we wait for our first inch. The average date of our first inch of snow in Kansas City is December 14th. Go to and enter the Snowflake contest. If you think it will be Christmas Eve at 5:05 PM, then you can go in there and pick that time and December 24th. Good luck!

Snowflake Contest

Outlook for the Packers/Chiefs game at GEHA Field At Arrowhead Stadium: Mostly sunny, breezy, and warmer. High: 71°! We will look at this as well on our weather-casts today and tonight!

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the weather blog! It will be a fantastic fall day, let's enjoy it. Watch KSHB-41, and we will bring you the most in-depth and accurate forecast today and tonight.