Weather Blog: Great graduation weather!

Posted at 8:21 AM, May 20, 2023

Good Saturday bloggers,

We had a beautiful Saturday sunrise. Unfortunately, it was caused by smoke from wildfires in western Canada. The smoke is at 20,000 feet and does not pose a threat to us here on the surface.

Besides the smoke and a few Sunday cirrus clouds we will see mainly blue sky above all weekend and stars tonight.

The smoke did make for a pretty Saturday sunrise.


The weather looks great this weekend. But, not only do many areas still need rain, but it is on average the wettest time of year. We average 1.25"-1.50" of rain per per week.

When is the next rain chance? A "dirty ridge" may be the cause of our next rain.

Details on the next rain are in the five-minute-video below.

Have a great weekend
Stay healthy