Weather Blog: Great summer weather, but some rain would be nice

Posted at 5:15 PM, Jun 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-23 18:48:40-04

Good Tuesday bloggers,

When you can get a day like this in Kansas City during the summer it is a treat. Highs were around 80 with low humidity along with abundant sunshine. Now, this nice weather is wonderful, but we really could use the rain. June averages 5.23" and we have seen just 0.73" of rain. We are still sitting at the 3rd driest June ever. We have seven full days of the month left and there are rain chances for four of the days. Let's go find the rain chances.

WEDNESDAY MORNING: It will be a refreshing morning with no rain. Lows will be 60-65. A warm front will be forming in the southwest Plains and a few areas of showers and thunderstorms will form around this front. You can see some rain across southern Nebraska to central Kansas at 6 AM.

WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON: Well, no change here as the area of showers mentioned above becomes an area of decent rain and thunderstorms tracking southeast, west of our area. You can see scattered showers across Iowa and eastern Missouri. So, we are in the middle of the dry weather. But, it will still be nice with highs 80-85 along with low humidity and a light wind.

THURSDAY MORNING: The warm front will be approaching and this will be our next chance of rain. Right now it looks like just scattered showers and thunderstorms. And it may fall apart as it moves east of the state line. So, this is better than nothing, but it will be close to nothing. Lows will be in the 60s.

THURSDAY AFTERNOON: Any showers and thunderstorms will have fallen apart as the warm front washes out. So, we will be dry, getting hot and more humid with highs nearing 90. Take a look at the Rockies. There is quite a bit of shower and thunderstorm activity. There are a bunch of disturbances out there that will wander into and through the Plains and Midwest Friday-Monday.

FRIDAY-MONDAY: The disturbances moving east will open the door for our region to see some thunderstorms Saturday through Monday. Friday will be dry, windy, hot and humid with highs around 90 ahead of the first chance of rain.

Below are the times of the best rain chances Saturday-Monday. At this time those best chances are for later Friday night-Saturday morning, later Saturday night-Sunday morning and Monday. We are hesitant to go for high rain chances due to what has been going on, even though the new data is a bit more encouraging.

Also, the timing and details of each chance will likely change as this is still five days away and the track of the disturbances will not really be known until 12-24 hours before they arrive. The track of these systems will be crucial to where the meaningful rain occurs. Also, a weak front may sag towards I-70 as well.

Enjoy the great summer weather while we wait for these rain chances. If you want to keep the yard green, you need to get the sprinkler out as you need 1" to 2" of rain per week this time of year to keep the grass green. Hopefully, in five days you will receive free water for your yard and/or farm.

Have a great rest of your week and stay healthy.