Weather Blog - Great Weather For Now

Posted at 2:09 PM, Nov 15, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-15 15:09:24-05

Good afternoon bloggers,

Wow! Did you think 55 degrees was going to feel so good? If you had a chance to get outdoors today, then I am sure it seemed beautiful to you. Well, at least it did to myself, and my dogs Rainbow and Sunny The Weather Dog. Before coming into work, we had some play time outside, and it was just incredible out there. Why does it feel so good? It was in the 20s just two days ago for high temperatures, and this is 30 degrees warmer, and our bodies react in such a way, that it feels so nice. Just a few weeks ago, this would have been a cool day.

Saturday looks great as well. The south winds will continue and even with a few more clouds the temperatures should jump up to near 60 degrees tomorrow. There will be more clouds and around a five to ten degree drop in temperatures Sunday.

Looking ahead to next week and Thanksgiving week: We are seeing some bigger changes, but still no big storm showing up yet. We will monitor this weather closely. I will try to do a travel Facebook live tonight, and definitely next week as the weather pattern begins to change. And, watch 41 Action News for updates as we get closer.

Have a great Friday Night In The Big Town, and a fantastic weekend.