Weather Blog | Hello June! A few thunderstorm chances to track

Posted at 8:33 AM, Jun 01, 2024

Good Saturday bloggers,

It's not just June 1, but it is May statistics day.

We have seen our share of severe weather in May and April with all but two weeks not having a severe thunderstorm and/or tornado warning in the viewing area.


So, you would think that with all the severe weather we would be well above average rainfall. Well, that is not quite the case.

Rainfall was 1.64" below average at the official sight at KCI airport. 3.68" of rain was recorded. We average 5.32" of rain in May. The low amount was not misleading being just at KCI as the lower rainfall totals were common across the area. Pleasant Hill was the only location that reports that saw above average rainfall with a total of 6.44".


There was a lot of severe weather in the Plains and Midwest, but we were in a zone from Dodge City, Kansas, to Chicago, Illinois, where rainfall totals were low. The severe thunderstorms around here moved quickly so the heavy rain was brief. Last weekend we had widespread wind damage south of the river from a collapsing thunderstorm. So, in that case there was a trace to .25" of rain with a big severe weather event.

Rainfall totals were above average along I-44. There was a bit of above average rainfall up I-49 and that is what Pleasant Hill was a part of. There was way too much rain along I-80 with Omaha receiving 11.14" of rain. There was much flooding in eastern Nebraska.


Now, will the first week of June see below or above average rainfall? We average around 1.50" during the first seven days of June.

We are tracking two-three thunderstorm chances the next five-seven days. Details are in the four-minute video below.

Have a great weekend.
Stay healthy.