Weather Blog: 'Hot as a firecracker'

Posted at 8:44 AM, Jul 04, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-04 09:50:18-04

Happy Fourth of July bloggers,

I am not a big fan of the overused phrase "Hot as a firecracker," but this year I will make an exception. Three straight days with highs of 95° or higher is a heat wave. Tuesday is day one of four, possibly today being day one of five.

When is the next meaningful cold front? Below is a list of images that go day by day to the next decent cold front.


A weak front may slip in here Friday-Saturday.


The answer to the question for the arrival of the next cold front that makes a difference will be next Monday-Tuesday.

This also means rain chances are quite low until that front arrives. If you did or did not receive the rain you need for your yard or farm, a sprinkler will be needed by the time we get our next rain as the hot weather will dry things out fast.

Here are radar estimated rainfall totals from the last seven days. You rain gauge may read different.

Platte county looks like the big winner in the KC metro area with many locations seeing 2-5" of rain. The northwest corner saw .50" or less. The other winning area was south of Warrensburg, Missouri, where 3-6" of rain occurred. Most other locations received .25"-1".


As we widen the view, central Kansas was the big winner with 2-5" amounts on a widespread basis. Northern and central Missouri were big losers with trace-.25" amounts. These locations are going to have some big issues with dryness.


Across the USA, you can see from northern Illinois to northeast Texas were the driest locations.


Rainfall the next seven days will be in the not much category from KC to Houston as a big upper level high, "heat wave creating machine," forms in the southern Plains. The big rain will occur from the northern Plains to eastern Midwest to southeast USA. So, the drying Missouri will have some issues. There is a chance Friday-Saturday could see some thunderstorms down to I-70 with a first weak front.


Have a happy, healthy and safe Fourth of July.

There is a Drunk/Texting while driving Warning in memory for all of those who have lost their lives in drunk/texting while driving accidents. Nathan McDuffie was 17 years old when he lost his life in a drunk driving accident 26 years ago. Today he would be 43.

Drunk driving warning.jpg