Weather Blog: Hottest temperatures in 4 years

Posted at 8:20 AM, Jul 18, 2022
and last updated 2022-07-18 09:28:40-04

Good Monday bloggers,

We are tracking the potential of a significant heat wave during the next seven days. Officially, we have not had a heat wave this summer, three straight days with highs of 95° or higher.

Officially, we have not reached 100° in four years. It needs to reach 100° at KCI airport to be official. It has been 100° twice this summer in Olathe and once in Lee's Summit.

The last time it reached 100° at KCI was July 12, 2018. The last time before that was September 8, 2013.


This week it will be tough to keep the not reaching 100° streak alive.

How hot will it get? How long will this last? Any rain?

Answers are in the five-and-a-half minute video below.