Weather Blog | Howl cold are we getting this Halloween?

We are living through one of the coldest Halloween's in KC history with a record-cold-start to November
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Posted at 1:35 PM, Oct 31, 2023
and last updated 2023-10-31 14:51:48-04

Happy Halloween blog readers,

This blog is going to be focused on all things Halloween! I'm sure by now you've heard it is going to be cold for trick-or-treating in Kansas City.

But did you realize just how cold? With a forecast high of 38° today, we are on track to be the second coldest Halloween in Kansas City's history. It has only been colder one other time, back in 1951 when it was 36° for the high.

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With the wind today though, it feels more like we are stuck in the 20s, which could honestly make this one of the coldest-feeling Halloweens. This is all thanks to high pressure quickly following the front from last night. This set up is acting like a pitching machine, the low to our northeast moving counter clockwise and the high to our west moving clockwise has set up a funnel of cold air that is being thrown directly at Kansas City.

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In fact, the upper Midwest has some of the coldest Halloween highs across the country today. Mystic, South Dakota, is barely above freezing and Frankenstein, Missouri, is hanging in the mid 30s. The only spot with warm weather this Halloween on my spooky map is Death Valley, California. And I'm not sure I want to be anywhere that has the name death in it on Halloween.

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So as you are going out trick-or-treating tonight, make sure to bundle up. Keep those kiddos warm with all your cold weather tricks. Treat today the same as you would treat being out in the cold in the middle of January. Today's high is the average high for Jan. 22!

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It's not just today's cold that could be record breaking, it's tonight's cold as well. Kansas City will fall close to record territory as we head into November.

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And we aren't the only ones. It is looking to be a cold start to November for nearly 30 cities across the southern Plains and into Appalachia. Freezing temperatures are expected as far south as Dallas, Texas, tonight and as far east as Asheville, North Carolina.

Nov. 1 Records.jpg

While today feels like the middle of January, the good news is there is light at the end of this frozen tunnel. By the end of the work week temperatures will warm back into the 60s. So while we may have jumped three months ahead of schedule, we will end up a week or so behind schedule by Friday.

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That is good news for our weekend forecast. Last weekend was kind of a bust with the rain and the snow and the cold. But this upcoming weekend is looking mild and mellow — almost perfect weather for KCK's Day of the Dead celebrations. So make your plans now to enjoy the mild fall weather this weekend, because this cold snap is just a taste of the winter that will eventually arrive.

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