Weather Blog - Is Severe Weather Season Over?

Severe Probabilities June 3
Posted at 7:09 AM, Jun 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-06-03 11:10:25-04

KANSAS CITY, Mo.  — Good morning bloggers,

This week is zipping by fast, isn't it. The work week was a day shorter with Memorial Day on Monday. It has been a cool spring thus far, but it is about to heat up a bit. Here is an amazing statistic that we will likely discuss a few times in the next month or two. The hottest temperature, recorded at KCI Airport, in all of last year was 94°. That is right, it never got up to 95° in all of 2020. It has also been a very quiet severe weather season. Let's look at some stats from this year so far.

Total Tornado Watches In 2021 So Far:

Tornado Watches In 2021

It came close a couple of weeks ago, but the Kansas City metro area has yet to be in a Tornado Watch this year. Neither has Wichita, KS, or Omaha, NE.

Severe Thunderstorm Watches In 2021:

Severe Thunderstorm Watches in 2021

While Kansas City has not been under a Tornado Watch since May 28, 2019, there have been a few Severe Thunderstorm Watches. Omaha, NE, has not been under a Tornado Watch or a Severe Thunderstorm Watch this year.

Severe Weather Climatology - This next map shows where severe thunderstorms are most likely today:

Severe Probabilities June 3

Traditional Tornado Alley stretches from Texas to Nebraska, and this map above shows the most likely spots for severe thunderstorm activity on June 3, based on the past 30 years.

25 years ago, Jeff Penner & I went on a rare storm chase. We picked a day that would be quiet in Kansas City, and went up into Nebraska. Watch a few minutes into the video and you will see a few baseball-sized-hailstones hitting the field, a few of which ended up damaging Jeff's car:

It was quite the chase! I had lost the video, but found it the other day and sent it to my brother Scott to dub over. Jeff does look around 25 years younger!

Well, there is certainly no risk of severe weather in our region once again today. Is severe weather season over? Well, not quite, as there is a risk of severe thunderstorms from New York south into Virginia. But, in Tornado Alley, there is no risk at all as the jet stream has shifted north.

Severe Weather Risk Today

The jet stream will dip south again around the middle of the month. Tornado season usually ends by around the first day of summer, which is June 21st. There are still severe weather risks over the summer, but with the winds aloft weaker, the risk for tornadoes is much less after around the middle of June. So, technically severe weather season continues for another couple of weeks. This year's LRC continues to cycle right on schedule, and one of the signature parts of this years pattern is due to cycle back through between June 12th and 18th. Let's see if the jet stream dips south and produces a severe weather risk at that time. For now, let's enjoy a nice June day!

Kansas City Weather Time-Line:

  • Today: Mostly sunny, warmer, and becoming more humid. Light winds. High: 83°
  • Tonight: Clear & mild. Low: 63°
  • Friday: Mostly sunny, warm, & humid. High: 87°

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Gabbing With Gary blog. Have a great Thursday!