Weather Blog: Laura Becomes A Major Hurricane & The Incredible Prediction For This Storm Made 3 Months Ago

Hurricane Laura August 26.png
Posted at 8:20 AM, Aug 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-08-26 10:54:32-04

Good morning bloggers,

Hurricane Laura is intensifying this morning into a major hurricane. Take a look at this 8 AM image of the intensifying storm, and look at the prediction made by the LRC from almost four months ago:

Screen Shot 2020-08-26 at 7.44.57 AM.png

The LRC describes the cycling weather pattern of the Northern Hemisphere, and this prediction was made in May to happen right around today. The storm is literally intensifying directly over the spot the LRC predicted on May 3. If you remember from reading the blogs over the past few years, the LRC is able to provide the insight and information to make these predictions as much as 11 months in advance. Major Hurricane Harvey was predicted months ahead of time, as well as many others. So, this one is right on schedule. There will be a few more this season, unfortunately. Here is the hot spot percentages I predicted, using the LRC, in April:

Hot Spot  Probabilities2.jpg

Where I had placed the 84% is exactly where Laura is heading. Another incredible LRC prediction, and unfortunately some towns near the coast and just inland in Texas will be hit hard tonight into early Thursday. We will be tracking it on 41 Action News. Here is one of the wind forecasts for Laura valid tonight, and early Thursday morning as it makes landfall:


That is 120 mph winds on the coast with gusts up to 150 mph. This storm will steadily weaken once it moves inland. Here is a prediction for 1 AM tonight:


Kansas City Weather:

So, what about back here in our home town of Kansas City and surrounding communities? The weather pattern is going through a significant shift, and we will likely end this long dry spell we are in the middle of, but there are still some big questions. The best chance of rain appears to be Sunday night into early Monday morning. It may be our first true fall cold front. This first front, you can see below, is not really a fall cold front at all. It is more like the fronts we have seen all summer, and somehow it will pass through with very little chance of rain.


The chance of rain will increase south of KC Saturday night, as you can see here:


And, then by Sunday, that stronger system will be developing as you can see the stronger thunderstorms forming Sunday night just north and west of KC. This chance will be a good one to bring us some badly needed rain. I still need a couple more days to analyze this set up.


It will be near 92° today. Yesterday it hit 94°, which ties the highest temperature for this entire summer. It appears we will have had a summer that never got up to 95° at KCI Airport. So, we will have to deal with the heat around three more days, including today. I will plan on doing a FB live as this hurricane approaches the coast, later today or this evening. Look for that later today.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Action Weather Blog. Have a great day.