Weather Blog: Looking for a cold front

Posted at 2:25 AM, Jun 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-14 09:58:58-04

Good Tuesday bloggers,

The heat has arrived and now it is time for it to leave. If you want the heat to leave, well, it is the middle of June and it won't be gone for good for about three or four months. We will get breaks as we are expecting an up and down temperature pattern this summer.

The high was 97° on Monday, but look at the low. It was 81°, just 3 degrees below an average high for June 13. The humidity is also out of control. This makes the AC work extra hard at night and the possible reason for power outages.


There are two ways to get a break from the heat. One, is for it to be cloudy all day with periods of rain. This is not easy to have happen during the summer as systems are usually small. Two, a cold front. This is easier to accomplish during the summer. But, to get a cold front strong enough to wipe out the heat and humidity is not so easy.

Well, we have a cold front due in Wednesday.

The five minute video below has the latest on the cold front. Will it be strong enough to give a break to the heat and humidity? Will we see any rain?

One quick thing. Tonight there is going to be a "Super Moon." It is called the "Strawberry Super Moon" this time. A Super Moon means the moon is at its closest point to the Earth during its current orbit and it is full. It will be closest as it is rising. So, it is always big on the horizon due to atmospheric affects, but it will be a tad bigger tonight. The moon rise is at 9:35 PM. If you are out and about and have a clear view of the southeast horizon around 9:35 PM, take a look.

Here was the moon last night at 9:30 PM. It was already above the horizon as it rose at 8:20 p.m.


Have a great rest of your week.
Stay cool, stay healthy.