Weather Blog | Major Hurricane Beryl, an active weather pattern

Posted at 8:07 AM, Jun 30, 2024

Good Sunday, bloggers —

It is a rather active time in the weather, which is usually not the case this time of year as summer settles in. But 2024 is not following the rules.

We are tracking the first June major hurricane east of the Lesser Antilles, Category 3 Beryl.


We are also tracking an active weather pattern in the middle of the country.

We have a chance of thunderstorms Monday morning as the heat and humidity head back north.

But look at the setup tomorrow: 95°-100° about 80 miles southwest of KC to the 70s here.

If we see fewer thunderstorms, then the heat will get closer or even move in. If we have more thunderstorms, we will stay in the 70s, possibly spending a few hours in the 60s.


We are in an active weather pattern and will have a chance of thunderstorms every 1-3 days.

There is now a cold front timed for Thursday right during fireworks time.

It is far too early to be changing plans as this could easily change, as we know. We will be watching this closely.


Where will Beryl go? Will the active weather pattern impact the Fourth of July holiday weekend or just July 4?

Watch the video below for details.

Have a great week ahead.

Stay healthy.