Weather Blog - Monday Evening Update On The Series Of Storm Systems

Posted at 6:13 PM, Nov 25, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-25 19:13:58-05

Good evening bloggers,

There is a series of storm systems heading our way. We will likely see a few thunderstorms, maybe some hail, sleet, snow, and rain this week. The wettest day looks like it will happen on Black Friday.

Storm #1 will move into Kansas early Tuesday, and it will be causing travel problems from Denver, Colorado, and Minneapolis, Minnesota. 20" of snow is possible near Boulder, CO. Here is a look at that storm system valid at 6 PM Tuesday:


The low pressure center will be quite strong and approaching KC at 6 PM Tuesday. A few thunderstorms will likely form and there is a 50% chance of one in your area by 6 or 7 PM Tuesday evening. Some hail is possible, and then this storm will quickly zip by, and when it does, hold onto your hats, as it will be windy tomorrow night.


This next image, above, shows the moisture moving our way on Thanksgiving morning. There may be snow right at the onset of this precipitation, and then it will change to sleet, then rain, then taper off to drizzle. Right now we are forecasting temperatures to inch just above freezing, as the mixture begins to fall.

Plaza Lighting Forecast: We are expecting the rain to taper off to a light drizzle by 5 PM, so we hope to see you out there on the Plaza. Heidi Gardner, from Saturday Night Live, and she is from KC, will be the celebrity to help light up the Plaza. Bundle up, and let's have fun at this traditional event. I am looking forward to seeing everyone there.

The Black Friday forecast is for it to be rather wet, so get the umbrella's ready as we move through this stormy week. The Thanksgiving Day forecast is still the big question as to whether or not there will be any travel impacts. By Tuesday, we should begin to narrow in on any problems. It only takes one slip and fall, or one slide on the roads to cause serious problems.

Have a great evening and we will update you on Tuesday!