Weather Blog: Rain will transition to sleet, snow in KC; here’s hour-by-hour look

Posted at 7:36 AM, Jan 10, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-10 11:38:48-05

Good morning bloggers,

A WINTER STORM WARNING will go into effect tonight and Saturday. Accumulations of some ice and snow is likely tonight with 3 to 6 inches of snow in our forecast for Saturday. This will cause some significant travel problems and we will be keeping you updated on all our social media platforms and on 41 Action News today and tonight as this storm approaches. This is a dangerous winter storm that will cause some headaches for many, and at the same time may produce enough snow for sledding for the kids. So, we are getting a little bit of the good, bad, and ugly of weather in KC in the next two days.

The first wave of energy from this storm is producing thunderstorms:

The radar image is from around 7 AM this morning. I am pretty sure the thunder awakened a few of you early this morning. Rainbow The Weather Puppy seemed more interested in the thunder than scared, and Sunny The Weather Dog has never been too frightened, just a little concerned on what that noise is, and she is really just fine. I am sure that is not the case with many of your pets. These thunderstorms are moving off to the northeast, and there will be another round later today.

The winter part of this storm:

By later tonight and early Saturday morning, the main energy from this storm system will be approaching with heavy snow likely. Exactly where this band sets up is still being determined. It does appear it will target the KC metro and surrounding communities tomorrow. We are forecasting 3" to 6" of snow by the end of the day Saturday. If the storm really over performs, more than those amounts are a possibility, but right now I still need more evidence to go higher. We may see evidence in the new data to go a bit higher, or drop the amounts a bit. We are analyzing the data now, and it comes in every few hours, so by the time I am on the air tonight I will have a zoomed in snowfall forecast prepared to share with you.

Kansas City Weather Timeline:

  • Before 5 PM today: A few periods of rain with a thunderstorm likely at times. Heavy rain is possible, especially south and east of I-35. There is a Flash Flood Watch in effect and 3" of rain is possible closer to Warrensburg, Sedalia, and Clinton in Missouri. Temperatures will be dropping below freezing later today. It will become quite windy today and tonight with gusts up to 40 mph possible.
  • 5 PM - midnight: The rain will change to freezing rain and sleet. Snow is likely farther northwest, but it will not snow in KC until later. Some accumulation of ice is likely on untreated surfaces. If it does change to sleet, which is frozen rain or ice pellets, then the roads would be covered quite quickly creating a sheet of ice to drive on.
  • After midnight - 6 AM Saurday: There may be a little dry period, and then snow and sleet will spread in from the southwest. Temperatures will be dropping through the 20s. Roads will be slick and hazardous
  • Saturday: There is a 100% chance of snow with temperatures in the lower 20s. Accumulations of 3" to 6" are expected with snow packed roads
  • Saturday night - Sunday: The snow will end and then there is a chance of more snow Sunday afternoon with some small accumulation possible during the Chiefs game. The chance of snow Sunday is 60%. So, it may snow, but it would likely be in just one or two 15 minute snow showers. There is a 40% chance it stays dry for the game. GO CHIEFS!

Look at the cold air surging south. This is something we are monitoring closely. It is in the 20s over all of Iowa. Right now the winds are light, so this cold air is only slowly moving our way. Before the end of the day the pressure gradient will become much stronger, and the cold surge will pick up speed. These 20s will begin surging our way soon.

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect tonight and Saturday. Go to my Facebook Page: and I will be updating it regularly. Also go to the 41 Action News page and we will keep you advised, and on with these updates.

Have a great day everyone! Stay with KSHB and 41Action News, and we will keep you advised!