Weather Blog: Nightmare in Nashville

Posted at 12:26 PM, Mar 03, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-03 18:47:31-05

Good Tuesday bloggers,

What a horrible and tragic situation in Nashville, Tennessee. As of this writing there were 25 people killed Monday night from a large, nighttime tornado. A tornado is terrifying, but a large one at night is about the most terrifying weather event on Earth. There are not only people asleep, but you simply cannot see the tornado and its flying debris very well, if at all. This is what occurred last night in Nashville.

Here is the radar from 12:45 a.m. Monday night. You can see a classic hook on this lower resolution radar. That means it was quite impressive.

The Nashville tornado was part of a small severe weather outbreak that started Sunday. Yesterday we showed that 2"-5" of rain occurred from Joplin to Springfield to the Ozarks Sunday night. This created significant flash flooding. There were numerous hail and wind reports from southern Missouri to the Tennessee Valley. There were around 6 tornado reports Monday and Monday night from southeast Missouri to Tennessee and Kentucky.

Our weather, by contrast is about a calm as it gets. We are seeing signs of a more active pattern beginning next week. Let's go through this.

TODAY: Sunny with a light wind. Highs 60-65. We are having the calm weather as we are located well north of the storm systems tracking across the southern USA.

TONIGHT: Mostly clear, breezy after midnight with lows around 40. Wind: SW 10-25 mph.

WEDNESDAY: We will have a high overcast where the sun can shine through. The cirrus clouds tomorrow are the northern edge of a large and wet storm system tracking across the southern USA. This storm will bring heavy rain and flash flooding, fortunately most of the heavy rain will occur south of Nashville. They will still see some rain. We will have a light north wind with highs around 60 as a surface high pressure drifts across Kansas.

THURSDAY: A weak cold front will move through. It will be sunny and breezy with highs around 60 again. Wind: N-NW 15-25 mph. The southern storm will be about to move off the southeast coast.

FRIDAY: It will be sunny and colder along with a light wind. Lows will be in the 20s with highs 50-55. The southern storm will combine with a system tracking across the Great Lakes, creating a Nor'easter. The system from the Great Lakes is the one responsible for our weak Thursday cold front.

SATURDAY: It will be warmer but windy along with a partly cloudy sky. Highs will be in the 60s with south winds 15-30 mph. A surface high pressure will be located across the Tennessee Valley, putting our region in strong south winds from the Gulf of Mexico. This will bring moisture northward ahead of our next chance of rain. The weather looks good for the Sporting KC home opener at 7:30 PM on Saturday. It will be windy with temperatures dropping to the 50s during the game.

SUNDAY: It will be cloudy, windy and mild with lows around 50 and highs around 60. Rain chances will increase at night as the first of 2-3 storm systems for next week arrives. We could see a few thunderstorms, but we are not expecting severe weather.

There will be 2-3 systems next week: Sunday night-Monday, Tuesday night-Wednesday and Friday. The system for Tuesday night-Wednesday has a 10% chance of bringing some wet snow. So, if you need to get fertilizer down on your yard, this weekend will be a good time to do it, ahead of the rain next week.

Have a great rest of your week.