Weather Blog: One More Day of High Fire Danger

Posted at 8:10 AM, Mar 08, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-08 09:10:20-04

Good Sunday bloggers,

We have had a windy weekend and it will be even windier today as gusts will reach 45-50 mph. We are not in a Fire Weather Warning as the humidity is just high enough to officially not issue a warning, but it will be very windy, the ground is still very dry and the humidity will still be in the 25% to 40% range. So, we still have a high fire danger. Rain is what will truly end the fire danger and the rain arrives tonight.

Take a look at the deep Pacific moisture racing this way. There is a system embedded in the moisture. This Pacific moisture plus low level moisture from the Gulf of Mexico will set us up for some decent rainfall.

We are zero for the month and now just .50" above average for the year. Let's go through the forecast and see how much rain will fall on your yard or farm.

SUNDAY: It will be sunny and very windy with south winds gusting to 45-50 mph. We should reach 70° for the first time since October 18th. Again, we still have fire danger. So, use common sense, for example don't throw cigarettes out the window and use caution when grilling. High fire danger means that fires can start easily and then spread fast.

SUNDAY NIGHT: Rain, heavy at times, and a few thunderstorms, will move in between midnight and 3 AM. The wind will be south at 15-30 mph with temperatures in the 50s all night.

MONDAY MORNING: It will be a wet and windy morning rush hour with temperatures in the 50s. A cold front will be approaching.

MONDAY AFTERNOON: We will still see scattered showers and a few thunderstorms as the cold front approaches I-35. Take a look at the 3 PM forecast temperatures. It will be around 60° along and east of I-35, while to the west it is dropping into the 40s.

MONDAY EVENING: The evening rush hour will see areas of rain and drizzle with less wind, but temperatures will be in the 40s. The rain will end during the evening and lows Tuesday will drop to the 30s, above freezing. How much rain are we looking at?

RAINFALL FORECAST TONIGHT-MONDAY: It still looks like we will see a widespread .25" to 1" of rain. A few locations may see 1.25" depending on where some thunderstorms occur. Right now it looks like the heaviest will be north of I-70. The heavy areas could still shift south or north by 50 miles.

RAINFALL FORECAST THE NEXT 10 DAYS: There are 3 storm systems to track the next 10 days. The first one is tonight and Monday. The second one is Wednesday and this may bring some rain, trace-.25". It is not a big storm. The third is timed for next weekend and this one could bring rain and/or, yes snow. Winter is not over yet. So, total rainfall/melted snow the next 10 days will be 1" to 2". This means today is pretty much the last day of fire danger for quite some time.

Have a great week.