Weather Blog: One Storm Down, Two to Go

Posted at 9:18 AM, Nov 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-27 10:18:26-05

Good day before Thanksgiving bloggers,

Storm #1 raced through last night with wind gusts 45-50 mph in the KC area. Sedalia and Warrensburg had gusts around 60 mph. Now we turn our attention to storm systems #2 and #3.

STORM #2 (Thanksgiving Day): This will move through on Thanksgiving day as it races northeast from Baja, CA. It will fall apart tomorrow afternoon and get absorbed by storm system #3. At this time it looks like early in the morning the leading edge of the precipitation will be across southern Kansas. This is good news for our area as we will see temperatures below freezing. So, that means dry roads.

Based on the latest data, the precipitation will be just getting here by noon. So, we could see a mix of rain and sleet around noon, but with temperatures around freezing and it being the middle of the day, this will greatly reduce the threat of slick roads. We still have to watch this closely, because should the precipitation arrive before 10 AM, then roads could get slick for a few hours. We lean with the later arrival of the mix and less chance for slick roads.


Regardless of when the precipitation arrives, by evening, temperatures will be just warm enough to keep roads wet and any precipitation in the form of light rain and drizzle. So, the forecast for the Plaza Lighting remains about the same. There is a chance of light rain and drizzle with temperatures in the low to mid 30s with an east-southeast wind at 10-15 mph. The third storm will be pounding the west coast into the southwest USA.


STORM #3 (Friday-Sunday):
FRIDAY: This is quite a large storm and will be spreading rain across most locations between the Rockies and Mississippi river as it starts its move east. A mix will be possible north of I-90 with snow all through the Rockies. Precipitation will still be lingering in California. We will see periods of rain with temperatures warming to the 40s by evening and 50s Friday night.


SATURDAY: The rain will be shifting to east of the Mississippi river, while a snowstorm is going across the northern Plains. We will see more sun along with gusty west winds as highs come close to 60°. A new storm will enter the west coast.


SUNDAY: Storm #3 continues to move east and weaken. Rain and snow will be found from Iowa and Minnesota across the Great Lakes. Rain will be along the east coast. We will be windy and colder with perhaps some flurries. It will be cold for the Raiders vs. Chiefs out at Arrowhead. The fourth storm will be impacting the west coast, but it will stay out there for a few days.


Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving and always stay weather aware.