Weather Blog: Part Three of the Storm, Snow

Posted at 7:53 AM, Jan 11, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-11 08:53:56-05

Good Saturday bloggers,

We are now about to deal with the third part of this winter storm. The first part was rain and thunderstorms Friday that brought 1.35" of rain to KCI. Keep in mind all of January averages 1.03". The second part occurred overnight as colder air rushed in. Temperatures have dropped to the teens as we have seen freezing drizzle, light snow and light sleet. Roads are slick and hazardous. Now, we are tracking the third part of the storm which moves through today, snow.

There was an area of snow increasing over south central Kansas early Saturday. It is this area that is growing and slowly heading this way.

NOW TO 9 AM: We will see freezing drizzle and light snow with temperatures in the upper teens and wind chill values around zero. Untreated surfaces such as driveways and sidewalks are extremely slippery. Even treated surfaces are slick in spots as treatment has a hard time working at these temperatures.

9 AM-3 PM: This is when we expect the main snow to occur. Notice how northwest Missouri does not see much. We will watch this closely as it could include those areas as well. All surfaces will be slick this period with temperatures 15°-20°.

3 PM-9 PM: The snow will exit KC by 5 PM and by 9 PM the snow will be exiting Missouri. Temperatures will be in the teens and the wind will rapidly decrease to 0-5 mph.

SNOWFALL FORECAST: We are expecting 1"-3" of snow from around I-35 and points east. There may be a few locations that see 3"-4". Northwest Missouri, on this data, has zero, but the northwest edge could creep farther northwest.

CHIEFS SUNDAY: Early in the morning it will be partly to mostly cloudy with temperatures in the teens. If the sky clears, we could see freezing fog which can cause more slick conditions. If it stays cloudy, the chance of freezing fog is greatly reduced. The wind will be light.

The weather at kickoff will be pretty decent considering what we have been dealing with today. It will be partly to mostly cloudy with temperatures in the upper 20s to low 30s. The temperatures shown may be a bit optimistic. And, yes you can see a new area of mix and snow across Nebraska and northeast Kansas.

The new system will cross locations from around I-70 north later Sunday and Sunday night. So, we may see a snow/sleet shower from around 4-8 PM. Some locations may see a dusting, but northwest Missouri could see up to 1/2". Again, these temperatures may be a bit too warm. So, if it snows or sleets for a few minutes at the Chiefs game, don't be surprised.

Have a great weekend and stay safe.