Weather Blog: Pool Weather is Around the Corner-Updated

Posted at 11:01 AM, May 31, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-31 19:54:24-04

Good Monday bloggers,

A pattern shift is around the corner. This pattern shift will bring very warm and humid air into the middle of the USA by the end of the week. I wish I could snap my fingers and make it happen today. But, it will get here soon enough.

Let's go through the forecast through Friday.

We are stuck in a zone of rain that extends south to Oklahoma. This area of rain will be moving northeast all day as it slowly winds down. So, it looks like rain all day, tapering off after 5-7 PM. Rainfall will be in the .10" to 1" category. Highs will be 15-20 degrees below average in the low 60s. It is amazing that there is no severe weather, let alone thunderstorms, considering the time of year. So, there is good news in that.


Believe it or not, as of May 30th, we were 0.09" of rain below average with a month total of 5.14". So, yes we have seen 17 days of rain this month, but most days it was a lighter rain, averaging 0.32" of rain per day.

Today we received 0.30" and may finish at the average per day we have seen this May of 0.32". This guarantees we finish May 2021 above average. Now, some locations have seen much more and even less. KCI is the official recording station for Kansas City.


Clouds and scattered showers will linger as a system tracks to the south.


Highs will reach the 70s north of the system and stay in the 60s where clouds and rain are more prevalent. This looks most likely to occur across southeast Kansas and southern Missouri.


OK, one more day of showers and a few thunderstorms. There is one last system that has to move through before the big warm up arrives. Scattered showers and thunderstorms will be across eastern Kansas and western Missouri as a more widespread rain occurs from central Missouri to Ohio, south to Louisiana. Our rain will be more widespread if the system forms faster. Highs will reach the 70s.


The last system moves by as a big upper level ridge moves in. This will end the rain chance, clear the clouds and cause temperatures to zoom.


Highs will be in the low 80s Thursday followed by mid to upper 80s Friday-Sunday. The water vapor in the air will be plentiful, so it will feel like a steam bath.

Good pool weather is just 3-4 days away. Next week more rain and thunderstorm chances are showing up. Keep in mind, May and June, are on average the wettest months of the year around here.


Have a safe and meaningful Memorial Day and great week ahead. Stay healthy.