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A Potential Tropical Storm In Ten Days
Posted at 7:43 AM, Sep 14, 2022
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Good morning bloggers,

September weather from Hugh Crowther:

The month of September is a fairly pleasant one, temperature-wise. Daily highs are most often in the 70s and 80s, and daily lows are most often in the 50s and 60s.

September averages four days with a high of 90 degrees or above, including one day with a high of 95 degrees or above, and five days with a high colder than 70 degrees, including one day with a high in the 50s.

September averages three nights with a low of 70 degrees or above and five nights with a low colder than 50 degrees, including one night with a low colder than 40 degrees.

September can be a very wet month. In 1914, Kansas City was deluged with 16.17 inches of rain, including 6.12 inches on Sept. 7. In 1977, the month of September featured the infamous “Plaza Flood” on Sept. 12. The Kansas City International Airport reported 8.82 inches that day, an all-time daily record total for Kansas City.

Winds fields continue to tend to be relatively light in September, and as a result, thunderstorms tend to move more slowly. Since records began in 1888, there have been eight days in September with four inches of rain or more.

The average daily high drops from 84 degrees at the start of September to 74 degrees by the end of the month, while the average daily low drops from 63 degrees to 52 degrees.

The amount of sunshine drops off quite a bit, from 13 hours and one minute at the start of September to 11 hours and 49 minutes by the end of the month. This year the autumnal equinox, the official start of autumn, will be 8:03 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 22.

There have been 31 days with a high of 100 degrees or more, including three days with a high of 105 degrees or above, since records began. The temperature hit 109 degrees on Sep. 3, 1947, and it hit 107 degrees on Sept. 3, 1939.

There have been 54 nights with lows in the 30s, including eight nights with lows colder than 35 degrees. In 1995, the temperature dipped to 31 degrees on Sept. 22.

September 1914:

September 1914 is the wettest month in 134 years of records for Kansas City. The rainfall total of the month is 16.17 inches.

After a couple of days with highs in the lower 90s and lows in the mid-70s over the weekend, a cold front moves through the area on Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 7) and thunderstorms deluge downtown Kansas City with 6.12 inches of rain (watch out for those “rainy days and Mondays”).

It is the third wettest day of record for Kansas City, behind 8.82 inches the day of the Plaza Flood and 7.45 inches on Aug. 15, 1969.

Thunderstorms produced very heavy rain on three other occasions during the month: 2.20 inches on Sept. 10, 3.61 inches on Sept. 15 and 1.68 inches on Sept. 21. The record wet month of September 1914 follows a record month of May, in which there was just .70 inch of rain.

Thank you, Hugh. We could use some of that September 1914 rain.

In 1937, we only had 0.21 inches of rain in September, so we are already above that number, but it is also very dry out there.

The Tropics:

A Potential Tropical Storm In Ten Days

We are tracking part of this year's cycling pattern, this year's LRC, for a potential tropical system that may threaten the southeast coast.

It fits the LRC to have an organizing system, as shown above, and some of the models are beginning to show this. It is still a week to 10 days away, so let's see how this develops.

When it fits the LRC, then we pay attention.

Chargers/Chiefs Forecast:

Chiefs Forecast

The LRC Forecast from the LRC model made 60 days ago:

LRC Chiefs Forecast

The LRC model made a great prediction for tomorrow, and let's see how it does with the tropical system due to form soon.

The weather looks great. Go Chiefs! Today, by the way, will be near 90 degrees this afternoon.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the weather blog and sharing in this weather experience. Have a great Wednesday.