Weather Blog: Series of Weather Changes

Posted at 7:52 AM, Feb 09, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-09 08:52:07-05

Good Sunday bloggers,

We have a series of weather changes to track the next 5-7 days and today as systems are moving quickly. Let's go through this day by day to Valentine's day.

TODAY: Temperatures will rise to around 50 this morning as rain increases along and east of I-35. A cold front will sweep across the region this afternoon pushing the rain away while bringing in colder air. We will see north-northwest winds this afternoon gust to 30 mph as temperatures fall to the 30s this evening. Total rainfall will be a trace to .10" in KC, most east and .10" to .50" from Pleasanton to Marshall and points east. Eastern Missouri may see .25" to 1".


MONDAY: It will be a dry day with a mostly high overcast. The wind will be light with seasonably cold highs around 40. We will turn our attention to the southern Plains as a storms begins to take shape.


TUESDAY: It will be another dry and seasonably cold day as rain increases in a large area from Texas to the southeast USA. The main storm is in the southwest USA. It will track northeast into our region Wednesday.


WEDNESDAY: The data is starting to come into agreement that we will see snow and/or rain. The issue is how heavy will the precipitation be in our area as the storm will be going through a transition as it moves by. You can see the temperatures are at or above freezing. So, if it snows mostly light, then roads will be mostly wet with some snow on grassy surfaces. If the snow comes down harder, then it will overcome the warmer surfaces and will stick to all surfaces leading to a few inches of snow. Now, if it is closer to 40 degrees, then we could see mostly rain.


THURSDAY: After the storm there will be a shot of Arctic air. There is a question on how far south this tracks. This data has us in the Arctic air with highs around 20. It is only 2 in Des Moines. Highs are around 30 across western Kansas as the Arctic air did not make it out there. We are currently going with a high of 30 on Thursday, but that is highly dependent on how far south the Arctic air gets.


VALENTINE'S DAY: We are confident it will be a dry day. But, the temperature is dependent again on how far south the Arctic air gets on Thursday. A few days ago we thought highs would be in the 20s, then yesterday it looked like 50 and today it looks like 30-40. You can see the temperature range from 2 in Chicago/Madison to 40s in the western Plains.


RAINFALL FORECAST THE NEXT 7 DAYS: Very heavy rain and flooding will be likely from eastern Texas to West Virginia as 5" to 10" of rain will fall. These systems going by here will be interacting with a stalled front down there. We will see .10" to .50" and this is mostly a result of what occurs Wednesday.


Have a great week and we will continue to update all of these weather changes, two systems and an Arctic shot of air.