Weather Blog: Series of Weather Changes this Weekend

Posted at 10:44 AM, Mar 28, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-28 11:44:44-04

Good Saturday bloggers,

This morning we have seen drizzle, rain, a few thunderstorms and dense fog. Now we are in for sunshine, 70s, 45-50 mph winds gusts followed by colder air then a nice day. At least we are missing the severe weather. Let's go through this.

This was a surface map from 1030 AM. It is a bit odd as the real cold front is in western Kansas. There is an occluded front to our north which occurs when a colder air mass collides with a cold air mass. The colder air to the north was met by the colder air from this morning in a sense. Bottom line, it is complex. The severe weather today will be occurring near the warm front in Illinois.

There is a moderate risk (4 of 5) for severe weather across northern Illinois with an enhanced slight risk (3 of 5) down to St. Louis.

SATURDAY AFTERNOON: We will be in the dry slot of the storm. This means sunny and windy and warmer. Highs will reach the low 70s for a few hours as southwest winds gust to 45-50 mph. You can see thunderstorms forming in northern Illinois. The storm is re-organizing as well.

SATURDAY EVENING: The colder air will be sweeping in to our area as temperatures drop to the 50s along with the arrival of low clouds. Severe thunderstorms will be occurring east of the Mississippi river.

SATURDAY NIGHT: We will be mostly cloudy, windy and colder with west winds gusting to 40 mph, slightly less than this afternoon. Lows will be 40-45.

SUNDAY MORNING: The storm will be moving away quickly, so we will have decreasing wind under a clear sky.

SUNDAY AFTERNOON: The wind will be down to 5-15 mph and the sun will be out. Highs will be 60-65, a nice (awesome) day. Our next storm arrives Monday night and Tuesday. There is a trend for this to be light rain mostly south of I-70. And we could have a freeze at the end of next week. We will look at that tomorrow.

Have a great weekend and stay healthy.