Weather Blog: Smoky Haze and Small Effect from Sally

Posted at 12:21 PM, Sep 15, 2020
and last updated 2020-09-15 17:46:21-04

Good Tuesday bloggers,

The two main weather stories continue to be the wildfires in the western USA and the extent of the smoke and the active tropics. We continue to monitor 5 tropical systems, especially Sally. We won't get any rain from Sally, but the system will have a small impact on our weather.

The video below has all the details.

Have a great rest of your week and stay healthy.

We are still tracking Sally and the active tropics along with smoke from the western wildfires. Sally is going to have a small impact on our weather.

The sky outside is quite hazy and this is due to the smoke from the western wildfires. A band of thick smoke to our north Monday has drifted south over us. We outlined the thickest smoke as it appears blurry on the satellite. The flow aloft is weak, so this smoke is going to be around for awhile.


We are still tracking five systems technically. Rene has pretty much fallen apart. There is a disturbance east of Africa that may form into a system the next 1-2 days. It is not shown on this map.

The main system we are tracking is Sally.


Sally is a category 1 and will make landfall near Mobile, AL early Wednesday as a category 1. It may become a low end category 2. It is moving slow, so 5-15" of rain will follow Sally's path inland to the southeast USA.


We are going to have a very small impact from Sally. Let's take a look.

There are four images below, 7 AM and 4 PM Wednesday/Thursday. Sally will stay 1000 miles away across the southeast USA. Notice there is a cold front Wednesday morning to our northwest. As the front heads south it will get pulled in to the circulation of Sally and get absorbed. So, Sally will help to pull the cooler air farther south than it would have without the help of Sally. Our highs will drop to the low 70s with lows 50-55 Thursday and Friday. We will see no rain with the front, so Sally is going to take us from warm and dry to near perfect weather!


We will update this blog later this afternoon.

Have a great day and stay healthy.