Weather Blog - Snow Is Falling On October 26, 2020

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Posted at 7:11 AM, Oct 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-26 08:20:21-04

Good morning bloggers,

For the first time in Kansas City history we are experiencing snow in October for the third year in a row. Kansas City is on the northern edge of this storm system and it was snowing pretty nicely as I was writing this at 7 AM this morning. The roads have mostly been wet, and with temperatures dropping into the 20s we will likely see some slick conditions, so please provide yourself with some extra time if you are going out this morning.

Snow October 26.jpg

This first accumulation was on cold surfaces as shown on this car. There are some heavier bands of snow targeting the south KC metro areas. This radar image is from just after 7 AM. The band was moving northeast, so if you are just north of this band you will likely only have a few snowflakes and a light dusting at the most. If you live in this band, up to 2" of snow is possible:

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 7.02.20 AM.png

Here is our current snowfall forecast:


As you can see above, this snowfall prediction is showing the accumulations near I-35 and south of I-70 near KC and a bit north of I-70 farther east. Snow often does form in bands, and right down the middle of the band is where the heaviest accumulation will happen. Temperatures are dropping.

Here is the KC weather time-line:

  • Now to noon: A band of moderate snow in that band we are showing above (the darker blue area). Accumulations on grassy surfaces between a dusting and 2" with a few spots down south possibly getting a bit more. Roads will be mostly wet, but untreated surfaces may become tricky, slick, and hazardous. Temperatures dropping to 27°
  • Noon - 5 PM: Snow will shift south and east with a few snow flurries, or freezing drizzle possible. As the sun sets, some new icy patches may form, so be careful. Temperatures in the mid to upper 20s!
  • Later this week: A wet storm approaches with heavy rain possible Wednesday night - Thursday

For KC, I am expecting a dusting north to 2" south. There will be some slick and hazardous conditions on untreated surfaces. Temperatures will not rise above freezing today. We just had our first freeze of the season. We will update the blog later today.

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Rainbow and Sunny will pose for some more pictures later. Share your pictures on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and we will show some on 41 Action News!

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