Weather Blog | Solar eclipse weather, week ahead

Posted at 7:47 AM, Apr 07, 2024

Good Sunday, bloggers —

We are one day away from the total solar eclipse. The next U.S. total solar eclipse is 20 years away.

So, we would like to be able to see it, which requires special eclipse glasses and no clouds.

Here are some safety tips for eclipse viewing to make sure you still have your eyesight after the event.


We have control over getting the special glasses, but we don't have control over the clouds.

It is looking like we will have to deal with only areas of high, thin cirrus clouds, which means it is a "go" in our area. KC will be at 90% coverage when it peaks at 1:54 p.m.

We also have no control over the rainfall.

It was paltry last night. When is the next chance?

Details on the eclipse weather and next rain chances are in the 5 1/2-minute video below.

Have a great week.
Stay healthy.