Weather Blog | Spring-like Victory Monday could be on repeat

We could be setting our cruise control to 40-50 with no big storms on our radar for a while
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Posted at 12:44 PM, Jan 29, 2024
and last updated 2024-01-29 16:56:10-05

It's a sunny Victory Monday, blog readers!

How about we hold onto that trend for a little bit? After all, I think we've earned it.

January has been a long month of cold, gray and snow. But we are turning that around!

The setup across the country today is relatively quiet. We are just tracking one Canadian cold front.

Today Set Up.jpg

Expect this system to impact Kansas City with a slight cooldown and some passing clouds, but that is it.

Whenever we see a front drop in the south from over central Canada, they tend to be dry, fast-moving and only pack a weak punch of cold air.

This system will drop us from the mid-50s to mid-40s tomorrow, but that is still 5-10° above normal for this time of year. So nice try, Canada!

This week is honestly going to be really nice!

I mean temps recover back to the 50s quickly for Wednesday and Thursday with another "nice try" kind of system nearby Thursday overnight.

5 Day Temps.jpg

A Canadian low will be moving into the Atlantic off Massachusetts, and the trailing front will just linger near the Mississippi River.

This coupled with a weak surface low that will eject off the Rockies could band together some moisture from Oklahoma City to Indianapolis.

Right now, I think this will be south of KC, but if we get anything from this, it will be light rain Thursday overnight.

Thursday Night.jpg

This weekend
We are really starting to see the El Niño storm pattern perk up, meaning this parade of southern storms is continuing.

Remember the string of lows last week to our south that kept us gray and foggy? Well, this could be similar.

The difference: moisture is drying out, so maybe not a big fog concern, but the gray could return.

The storm track is south of us, and right now, our impact seems limited to cloud cover concerns.

Weekend Storm.jpg

This month trending with El Niño, a wet southern tier and a warm central Plains.

We will be waiting to see if storms can hold together enough moisture or get refueled properly, but overall trending on the edge of all the projected activity.

Temperatures look nice! 40s and 50s string together for the next 10 days, and possibly beyond.

But there is some movement with the Arctic Oscillation (meaning cold air concerns) that I'm watching by the end of February.

We will worry about that later, for now, enjoy the mid-winter break!

Feb Precip.jpg
Feb Temp.jpg

Super Bowl

Weather is looking super alright right now! I mean, it's Las Vegas, what do you expect?

The interesting note here is that the Sierra Nevada Mountain range is expected to be cold and dealing with Atmospheric Rivers (ARs).

So I think the colder pattern plunging onto the West Coast is a direct interpretation of that. Meaning, yeah, we will be watching Tahoe to Mammoth snow in the Sierra, but probably mild weather in southern Nevada.

Las Vegas right now looks to be hanging onto a trend in between 50-60° for Super Bowl Sunday.

Super Bowl.jpg