Weather Blog - Storm #1 Begins With A Mixture Of Precipitation

Posted at 5:59 AM, Jan 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-22 07:02:01-05

Good morning bloggers,

The large area of precipitation is right on schedule. The temperatures warming up to near 40 degrees overnight was unexpected. This has allowed the leading edge of the precipitaiton to be in the form of a mixture of rain, sleet, and snow. Farther west it has been all snow.

There are two storm systems we are monitoring today. This first one that will impact the morning rush hour, and then the second and stronger storm that will have impacts on Thursday into Friday. The second one still has many questions to be answered as well. The temperatures are critical today for whether or not there are significant travel problems, or just a few slick spots. We are on 41 Action News keeping you updated right now on this developing storm.

There is an upper level disturbance crossing the plains states today. The center of this weak storm was near Wichita and racing our way. As this approaches the mixture of precipition will increase, and it could beome heavy for a little while. If it is in the form of snow, then it would accumulate fast, but as the time I am writing this it was sleeting and raining on the Plaza with a few snowflakes. It should change to all snow in a few spots.

This map above shows the rain on the leading edge shifting east, with the changeover to snow in KC. Accumulations of around 1" are possible as this band moves across. The roads may become slick and hazardous, and then as we move through the day, they may end up with a slushy mess, or just be wet.

And, then we have this storm to track. This map above shows a forecast for Thursday night at midnight. Temperatures will likely fall back to just below freezing, and this would be a problem on roads later tomorrow into Friday. There are still questions on the exact track of this storm system, and we will update you later today. A warm up is in the weekend forecast!

Kansas City Weather Timeline:

  • Now - Noon: A 100% chance of rain, sleet, and snow. Accumulations of a dusting to 2" of snow, or some sleet accumulation is likely this morning. Temperatures will be near 32°
  • Noon - 6 PM: A mixture of rain, sleet, and snow will continue. High: 36°
  • Tonight: A good chance of rain, sleet, and snow. No additional accumulation of the mixture is expected. Low: 33°
  • Thursday-Thursday night: A 100% chance of rain, sleet, and then changing to snow. Accumulations of 1 to 2 inches possible Thursday night. High: 37°

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the Weather Blog! Have a great Wednesday and give yourself a little extra time to get around.