Weather Blog: Strong Friday Evening Cold Front to blast through Kansas City

Posted at 12:18 PM, Dec 02, 2022
and last updated 2022-12-02 13:49:48-05

Good Friday bloggers,

This is the first post Gary era weather blog. I hope to live up to his standards as I will be doing the blog for awhile.

This is a photo of his last time in front of the green screen.


Before we get to the weather I wrote this about Gary on Facebook last night.

"Gary Lezak has retired from TV. He had his last weathercast at KSHB 41 during the 6 PM hour Thursday.

I have worked with him for 30 years which is 60% of my life. He is not just a friend, best friend and mentor, but he is family. He has been a tremendous Godfather to Skyler. His partner Andy’s best friend Dino is my wife’s brother. It was Gary, Andy and Dino that worked together to set me up with Edi. The rest is history.

I have a TV career in my hometown and I was able to start it in KC without any prior TV experience. This is a very rare story. Gary had a huge role in opening the doors for that to occur.

As David Letterman said to Johnny Carson during Johnny's last week. “Hey, your not dying, we will still hang out and talk.”

Congratulations to Gary! Thank you for everything, which is an understatement."
Now to the weather.

A strong cold front arrives this evening and we are not expecting any precipitation along the front. When is our next chance of rain or snow?

Details on the front and next precipitation chance are in the three and a half minute video below.

Have a great weekend.
Stay healthy