Weather Blog: The Frozen Tundra of Kansas City

Posted at 2:37 AM, Feb 07, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-07 08:31:16-05

Good Super Bowl Sunday bloggers,

Wow! Super Bowl Sunday is here and the Chiefs got back to the Super Bowl 50 times faster than the last time between Super Bowl appearances. Now, can they win? Yes, I am sticking with my prediction of 38-23 Chiefs.

The weather for the game looks great. It will be dry with temperatures in the 60s along with a northwest wind at 5-15 mph. This is after some severe thunderstorms Sunday morning.

The weather in Kansas City might as well be the "frozen tundra of Lambeau Field" as we are having Green Bay weather. Our main weather focus the next 7-10 days will be dangerous cold and snow. Let's start with the cold.

Early this morning we were on the southern edge of a large Arctic air mass. It was -47° at Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories of Canada, while it was 61° in Dallas, TX. The pattern is set up so that we will be a part of this expansive Arctic air for 7-10 days. The temperature contrast is also responsible for our snow chances. More on the snow below.


This afternoon we will struggle to reach 10° while it remains below zero all day along and north of I-80. It will be in the 70s where Patrick Mahomes went to college, Lubbock, TX. It will incredibly be in the 50s across western Kansas. This puts us in a snow zone that we talked about the last couple of days. Again, the snow discussion is below.


One of our coldest mornings during this cold wave will be Tuesday morning as we may dip to around -5°. If it clears out we could see -10°. There will be 2-3 more chances to drop below zero during the cold wave. Basically we are looking at the next 7-10 days where lows are -5° to 5° and highs are 5° to 15° with wind chill values -20° to 0°.


Officially, at KCI, on Saturday we received 0.8" of snow bringing the season total to 7.5". We are going to add to this total today and Monday.


We are monitoring two main chances of snow today and Monday. Both are timed to occur between 6 AM and 2 PM and both have the chance to bring 1/2" to 2" of snow. In between the main snow chances there may be persistent flurries or very light snow, sometimes called snow grains. Little to no accumulation is expected with that snow. Although some areas may see a dusting.


In Powercast form they look like complexes of thunderstorms. The reason is that they are being caused by similar features that cause the big cluster of thunderstorms during the later Spring and Summer. The flow is from the west to northwest at the upper levels where fast-moving upper level disturbances are found. At the surface there is a stalled or wavering front separating colder air from warmer air. The main difference between the set up now and one during the summer is that it is 50 to 80 degrees colder.


You can see the zone of snow in the below snowfall forecast map for today-Tuesday. The zone extends from Montana to Nebraska, eastern Kansas to Indiana, Ohio northeast to New England. There is a second area of snow in the southeast USA as a bigger storm moves through there today.


A new 2"-4" of snow is possible when you add up the snow chances today through Tuesday. Some locations, especially east could see 3"-5". Add these to the 1/2" to 2" we received on Saturday.
There will be more snow chances Wednesday through Friday as well.


Have a great Super Bowl Sunday and week ahead. Stay warm and healthy. And...