Weather Blog: The Last Full Day of Summer 2021

Posted at 12:31 PM, Sep 21, 2021
and last updated 2021-09-21 13:48:43-04

Good Tuesday bloggers,

How close did we come to having a tornado track across northern Johnson county Monday? The answer...too close. Gary showed this live on KSHB 41 Monday evening, pretty incredible.


Not only did we have visual evidence of a rather large wall cloud, but there was a classic looking hook on radar.
So, why no tornado?

SEP 20 RADAR 3.jpg
SEP 20 RADAR 2.jpg

The rotation at low levels was very slow with a bit more rotation at mid levels. The bottom line is that we got lucky. A tornado is not good any time, but having it track across northern Johnson county during the evening rush hour would make things exponentially worse.

The thunderstorm did produce large hail, around half dollar size, and wind gusts to 45-55 mph.

SEP 20 HAIL 1.jpg
SEP 20 HAIL 2.jpg
SEP 20 HAIL 3.jpg
SEP 20 HAIL 4.jpg
SEP 20 WIND 1.jpg

Rainfall varied as well with amounts ranging from a few drops to 1"-2".

SEP 20 RAIN 1.jpg
SEP 20 RAIN 2.jpg

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Now we look ahead into the first days of fall and Chiefs Sunday.

The last full day of summer is feeling like fall. How long will this last?

Some locations received some nice rain Monday while others were left with a few drops.
When is our next chance of rain?

The details are in the almost 4 minute video below.

Have a great week and stay healthy.