Weather Blog: The Thaw is Progressing

Posted at 9:47 AM, Feb 20, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-20 10:47:05-05

Good Saturday bloggers,

We had a super Saturday sunrise that will be followed today by nearly 100% sunshine as the coldest stretch since the 1980s goes farther into the rear view mirror. We have a storm system to track before the warm up really gets going. Let's go through this.

Here is the snow cover as of this morning. It is quite thick along I-80 and rather thick from Dallas to New England. The snow cover is light to none from northeast to southwest Kansas. This will have an effect on the warm up. Usually, snow cover is not a huge factor as it is usually not this extensive.


SATURDAY HIGHS: You can see the snow cover affect quite well. Highs will jump to near 50 in Salina, KS while it is 30 in Gage, OK and 24 in Omaha and Des Moines. We will make a run at 40.


We have a small Sunday storm system before the warm up really gets going.

SUNDAY 7 AM: A mix of light rain and snow will move in 4-6 AM. Temperatures will drop to 25-30 this evening and then rise to around 32 by 4 AM. If temperatures are 32 or higher, roads will be wet. If temperatures are 30-32, we could see some slick spots early tomorrow morning. There is a better chance of slick spots in northern Missouri where temperatures will be around 30.


SUNDAY NOON: Temperatures will rise to the mid 30s. This will change most precipitation to light rain & drizzle in KC. So, if there are any early morning slick spots, they will be gone by noon. Northern Missouri will likely see some slick spots as temperatures will be a few degrees colder and the precipitation type is mostly snow.


SUNDAY 2-4 PM: The precipitation will end 12-2 PM followed by a cloudy afternoon with some fog. Highs will be in the mid 30s. We clear out Sunday night as temperatures drop to the mid 20s. There may be a few slick spots Monday morning from refreezing of any left over water. Rainfall will be a trace to .10", but there will be more water than that on the surfaces due to snow melt. Something to keep in mind.


SUNDAY SNOWFALL FORECAST: 1"-3" of snow is likely along and north of I-80 from eastern Nebraska to Ohio. A dusting to 1/2" is possible across northern Missouri. We are not expecting any snow accumulation in KC.


MONDAY: Now, to the good news. Winds will be from the west which is a downslope wind. The wind is blowing from higher to lower elevation. When air sinks it warms. So, a westerly wind will warm us up nicely to highs in the 50s. Much of Kansas will see highs 60-65. The snow cover will keep highs to 35-45 across Nebraska and Iowa. The Dakotas do not have much snow and they will see highs 55-60. The snow across the southern Plains will melt fast, so by Monday they too will warm to 55-65.


TUESDAY: This looks like the warmest day of the week as we reach 60-65! Central Kansas may touch 70. The snow cover along I-80 will keep them in the 40s.

It will turn colder Wednesday-Friday, but not nearly as cold as the last 2 weeks. There is a chance of a storm system. Right now we are at 20%. We will have more on that Sunday.


Here is a summary of the weekend forecast.


Have a great weekend and stay healthy.