Weather Blog: The warming trend continues

Posted at 4:15 PM, Feb 14, 2020
and last updated 2020-02-14 22:58:27-05

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Good evening bloggers,

It's Friday Night In The Big Town. Did you see how cold it did get this morning? Maybe you experienced it. Sunny The Weather Dog and Rainbow The Big Weather Puppy (she is now 7 months old) experienced it. In fact, Rainbows paw froze up a bit, and we had to get her inside fast.

We did get her inside, and her paw thawed out and was fine a few seconds later. Look at the lows from this morning:

It dropped to 0 in KC and Olathe, but look at that temperature in Kirksville. Yes, it's faded on this picture, but it is correct. It was 14 degrees below zero there, and 7 below in Chillicothe, MO. Wow! It warmed up nicely today, and this warming trend will continue Saturday.

There will be a band of clouds moving across the plains, and it may be cloudy for a little while on Saturday. The sun will return later in the day, and it will likely be in time to warm us up into the middle to upper 40s, and the snow will begin melting.

As we move into next week, there are weak storm systems that we are monitoring. A larger storm is more likely the week after next. The outlook for the next month does show a few more chances for snow. We average 5 more inches of snow between now and the end of the season. I am expecting and forecasting the above average snow to continues, so this likely means two or three more accumulations of snow before spring settles in.

Have a great weekend, and watch 41 Action News for KC's Most Accurate forecast.