Weather Blog: The Week Ahead, A Big Change

Posted at 9:41 AM, Jul 26, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-26 10:41:07-04

Good Sunday bloggers,

Before we take a look at the week ahead we will briefly look at the active tropics. There are now 4 systems we are tracking.

1. Tropical Storm Hanna:
Hanna came onshore at Padre Island on Saturday. It is now a flooding event as it tracks southwest into Mexico. Far south Texas has seen 5-15" of rain. It will fall apart over the mountains in Mexico with a slight chance it gains strength again as it drifts into the eastern Pacific ocean. If it does become a system in the eastern Pacific, it would have a new name.


2. Hurricane Douglas:
Douglas is a category 1 and will affect much of the Hawaiian Islands today and Monday. Fortunately, it is in a weakening phase, but it is still a category 1 hurricane. It will continue to track west across the Pacific after it exits Hawaii.


3 . Tropical Storm Gonzalo:
This system has fallen apart north of Venezuela. It will continue west and northwest and may become a Gulf of Mexico issue during the first week of August.

4. Tropical low:
There is a system in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that will very likely become a hurricane this week as it moves west and then northwest. It will threaten the east coast of the USA during the first week of August. It might make landfall in New England, staying offshore until then.


Now to our weather.

Here is a look at rainfall for July 2020. It is a real patchwork across the region. Omaha, NE to Des Moines, IA and Chanute, KS to the Lake of the Ozarks have been quite dry while much of NE, KS, northern Missouri and Illinois have seen considerable rain. Remember in June, when KC was one of the lowest of these totals. Well, now KC is the highest in July.


This is a monthly break down of the rain in 2020 for KC. After almost 7 months in the book we are about average rainfall. This week may take us higher.


Click on the video below for a look at the interesting weather pattern for the last week of July.

Have a great week and stay healthy.