Weather Blog: Three Storm Systems to Impact Thanksgiving Week

Posted at 7:51 AM, Nov 24, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-24 08:51:00-05

Good Sunday bloggers,

We are tracking three storm systems this week and they will impact travel in some way as they affect the entire USA. Take a look at the snowfall forecast across the USA the next 10 days. This is incredible and you can see that basically the northwest 3/4 of the country will see accumulating snow. We have a chance to see 1" of snow or so Thanksgiving morning. This means it will have snowed on Halloween, Veteran's Day and Thanksgiving. Will it snow on the only holiday most everybody wants it to snow?

When you look at the rainfall/melted snow the entire USA is impacted. A small part of southwest Texas and northeast Washington are the only locations that may get missed by precipitation.


Let's now go day by day and update the travel weather for this busiest travel week of the year.

SUNDAY-MONDAY: Today will be a good travel day as a storm system exits New England. Monday will be a good travel day as well. Notice, the snow in the northern Rockies to Pacific Northwest. This is the start of the first storm system to track. We will be around 60° and sunny these days which are good for yard work and putting up holiday lights.


TUESDAY: A snowstorm is likely from Denver to Omaha to Des Moines. If you have plans to travel north on I-35 and I-29 and west on I-70, keep this in mind. We will see some drizzle and a few rain showers Tuesday followed by wind and cold with a few snow showers Tuesday night. We are in the relatively more tame part of the storm. Highs will be in the 40s to low 50s.


WEDNESDAY: The Tuesday storm system moves rapidly into the Great Lakes and New England where it will have impacts on cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, Detroit, Cleveland and eventually Boston, NYC and Newark. We will see some sun and it will be much colder with lows around 30° and highs around 40°. Look at Denver, 5°! It may be colder than that. Eek!

Also, you can see the three storm systems we are tracking. The first we talked about above, moving through the Great Lakes. The second storm system is racing north from Baja, CA which will impact our Thanksgiving Day. The third storm system is on the west coast of the USA. It is a big storm system that will impact much of the USA Friday-Sunday as it moves east.


THANKSGIVING DAY: The second storm system will be racing north, so that by morning there will likely be a large area of snow from Nebraska and Kansas to southwest Iowa and Missouri. Yes, we are included. The storm will weaken rapidly as it moves north, so by afternoon most of the snow will have dissipated giving way to drizzle and a few snowflakes. We may see 1" of snow in the morning and if the roads are slick in the morning, they will improve through the day with temperatures just above freezing. Right now it looks cold for the Plaza Lighting with temperatures in the low 30s. There is a chance of drizzle and if we see some snow during the morning it will add to the holiday atmosphere Thursday evening.


FRIDAY: The third storm will be right on the heels of the second storm. This may bring a wind driven, cold rain to much of the middle of the USA. Snow will be possible along and north of I-90. More snow will be likely in the Rockies and Denver.


SATURDAY-SUNDAY: The third storm will be tracking east, bring a snowstorm to the northern Plains, possibly down to I-80. The heavy rain will be shifting to east of the Mississippi river. We will become windy and cold with some snow possible. This storm is sure to impact many airports.


Have a happy and safe Thanksgiving. Be weather aware.