Weather Blog: Tracking the 1st storm system of 2023

Posted at 8:27 AM, Jan 01, 2023
and last updated 2023-01-01 10:01:52-05

Good 2023 bloggers,

I hope you had a happy and safe new year. The weather is certainly cooperating with highs today in the 50s. It snowed around 2" New Year's Day 2022 and 2021. It dropped to 8° last year.

We are tracking our first storm system of 2023. It is not ice and snow, but rain and thunderstorms as temperatures will be 20-25 degrees above average.

Details on this first storm system of 2023 are in the five-and-a-half minute video below.

Before we look forward to 2023, lets look back at 2022. It is 2022 statistics day.

Why do I love the weather in KC? The variety and ups, downs and all arounds. 2022 had a 105° temperature range. It was 101° on July 23rd and -4° Dec. 22-23. We had three heat waves and KCI was 100° or higher three times. Olathe was 100° or higher seven times!

Rainfall ended up 4.73" below average. But, since Oct. 24th we were 2"-3" above average. This shows you how dry it was prior to the 24th. The driest period was July 1st to Oct. 23rd when we saw 5.88" of rain which was 9.43" below average. That is how we ended up in a drought that is now waning.


Have a great first week of 2023 and great year!
Stay healthy