Weather Blog: Tropical Storm Force Winds Monday

Posted at 8:42 AM, Mar 28, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-28 11:39:08-04

Good Sunday bloggers,

Monday will be sunny with highs 75-80. But, there is always a but, right? The wind will gust to 45-55 mph from the south. A few locations could see wind gusts to 55-60 mph! Keep in mind, a thunderstorm is considered severe if it has 58+ mph winds and a tropical storm has 39 to 73 mph winds. The wind is not only annoying, but creates an elevated fire danger. How could we have a fire danger after all the rain? Well, there is still much dry brush from the winter and with winds gusting to 50-60 mph and the humidity levels at 25% to 35%, the fire danger goes up. This means fires can start and spread rapidly.


Now, the fire danger would be worse Monday if we had a dry ground, but since March 9th it has been rather wet as we are running about 1.50" of rain above average.


2021 seems to be flying by as we are just about to enter the 4th month. The weather in the middle of the USA for the end of March and start of April will be mostly dry with up and down temperatures.

The 6 minute video below goes day by day through the Royals opening day. It also peeks into what could happen during the second week of April as the jet stream blocks up near Greenland. We also look at what occurred Saturday in the Tennessee Valley and southeast USA. They had their second severe weather outbreak of the week. A third round of severe weather and flash flooding is likely this week.

Have a great week ahead and stay healthy.