Weather Blog: Two more hot days and then a change

Posted at 7:49 AM, Jun 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-06-07 19:46:47-04

Good morning bloggers,

Has summer already started? Is it going to cool off again? The answers are: 1) Summer starts June 20, and 2) It will cool off Tuesday night and stay cooler for a few days.

How are you doing today? The weather pattern is just fascinating. Well, it is always fascinating to me. There is a river of air above us flowing as a fluid, and it is cycling. There is a regularity to this cycling pattern, and it is called the LRC, which describes organization to what most meteorologists consider just chaos. It is far from chaotic. This tropical storm was predicted by Weather2020 (go to to learn more) eight months ago. It is right on schedule. Now, where will the remnants of Tropical Storm Cristobal track?

Cristobal is making landfall today just southwest of New Orleans as a moderately strong tropical storm. It is far from hurricane strength. This storm didn't intensify into a hurricane because of one main reason: the Gulf of Mexico water temperatures are just too cool. By July and August, the water temperatures will be much warmer, and there will likely be another storm right near where Cristobal is today, but around 60 or 120 days from now as the LRC cycles through.

As Cristobal moves inland, it will weaken and head north. There is something else going on with this weather pattern. A strong storm is moving into the Rocky Mountains and will "flick" the tropical system out and turn it northeast just as it gets close to KC. The track appears it will take the rain east of KC.

On this map above, you can see what is left of Cristobal (that L that is plotted on this map), and the cold front developing and heading our way. Much cooler and refreshing air will arrive by Wednesday.

It will sizzle today, and then be down into the 50s by Wednesday morning. I am already ready for a cool down. How about you?

Have a great day! Thank you for spending a few minutes of your day reading the weather blog, as we share in this weather experience.