Weather Blog - Uh Oh, No Snow in December!

Snow By The Years & December
Posted at 7:26 AM, Dec 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-22 08:52:30-05

Good morning bloggers & Happy Holidays,

Three shopping days left! The weather could not be nicer for these three days before Christmas. There are some changes showing up and we will look into a few of them.

Are we really going to go all of December without a snowflake. If it does not snow this month, then this triggers the better chance of a low snowfall total for the rest of winter.

Snowy December = Snowy Winter

We haven't even had a snowflake this month. So, if it doesn't snow 3.7" or more, then there is a much better chance of snowfall to be closer to 13" for the entire season. Take a look at the last dozen years:

Snow By The Years & December

We struggled to have snow in December last winter too. Only 0.2" of snow fell, and we ended up with 15.5" of snow last year, and that included a 3" snowstorm in mid-April. Now, last year, it did snow in October. That didn't happen this year, and we are still waiting for our first measurable snowfall which is just 0.1" (1/10th of an inch).

So, as it looks like we will have no snow in December, this would trigger that average of only 13" of snow for the season. In 2010-2011 only 2.9" of snow fell in December (the average is 4.0" during this month). That winter a crazy month long stretch produced a snowy change and 36" of snow fell that winter. Could that happen this year? Well, right now there is no sign.

American Model (GFS Model) Snowfall Forecast For The Next 10-Days:

Snow In The Next 10 Days

This shows no snow between now and New Year's Eve, but the pattern is increasingly becoming more active. So, this forecast may change. We are tracking a storm heading our way this weekend. Let's take a look.

Surface Forecast Sunday Evening

This storm shows one of the problems with this weather pattern. The LRC is cycling and this storm system is right on schedule. In October, these storm systems were producing a lot of rain. They were a bit more organized than they are in this cycle. Well, this one is trying to organize as it passes by KC. A very cold Arctic Air Mass is oozing into the northern Plains and into Montana, while a surface cyclone forms over Kansas. By Sunday night, there is a chance of showers and thunderstorms.

Surface Forecast Valid Midnight Sunday Night

This storm system begins producing rain and thunderstorms as it is passing by on Sunday night. This may impact the end of the Chiefs/Steelers game out at Arrowhead if it starts forming earlier.

Snow will also begin falling from this system over Iowa, but once again it appears it will not be close to KC. There is another storm coming into the west coast next week, and this is one that has our attention. We will look deeper into these storm systems on KSHB-41 today and tonight.


Wednesday:  Mostly sunny and rather nice for the first full day of winter. Wind: South 10-20 mph. High: 51°

Tonight: Mostly clear skies and mild. Low: 37°

Thursday: Partly cloudy & warmer. Warming temperatures overnight into Friday. Wind: SW 10-20 mph. High: 57°

Friday (Christmas Eve): Partly to mostly cloudy skies, mainly high clouds. Wind: SW 10-20 mph. Low: 48° High: 65°

Saturday (Christmas Day): Partly to mostly sunny, cooler air from a front. Wind: NW 10-20 mph. High: 57°

Thank you for sharing in this weather experience and spending a few minutes of your day reading the weather blog. Have a great Wednesday,