Weather Blog - Watch For Falling Icicles

Posted: 8:21 AM, Feb 15, 2020
Updated: 2020-02-15 09:21:16-05

Good morning bloggers,

Watch for falling icicles! Temperatures warmed up significantly while you were sleeping early this Saturday morning. It was 0 degrees yesterday morning, and it is 35 this morning. Yes, a 35 degree warm up from yesterday. Now, there is a breeze, so it is still pretty cold with that wind chill this morning.


We continue to have our winter scene this morning. These clouds will clear later today and temperatures will be warming up into the 40s today, and lower 50s on Sunday.

Watch out for falling icicles:


Joanna in Lee's Summit tweeted me this picture showing the "scary" icicles. They will fall today! You can tweet me at @glezak. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us.


As the cloud cover moves out later today, warmer weather will move in:


Our weather pattern will be in the process of changing in the next few days. The warmer weather will have moving in now will get blown away be a cold front Monday night:


Colder air will arrive by Tuesday, and last few days. There are no major storm systems showing up for this next week. The LRC, which describes the cycling pattern, shows us a stronger storm is due in around the 23rd to 27th of the month. In fact, two storm systems are likely that week, and there should be one nice warm up to near 70 ahead of these storm systems. Spring is not that far away!!!

Have a great weekend!