Weather Blog: We Could use some Rain, One Main Chance

Posted at 9:24 AM, Nov 07, 2020
and last updated 2020-11-07 10:40:53-05

Good Saturday bloggers,

If you think it has been dry for awhile, you are right. Since the 1st of August we are nearly 8" below average on rainfall. So, yes we could use some rain and we have one main chance the next 5-7 days. We have details on this in the video below.

There is one place that is seeing rain, too much. That is central America, then to Cuba and Florida. Tropical Storm Eta that started in the Caribbean Sea on Halloween tracked west to Nicaragua and Honduras around the 3rd as category 4. It was the latest major hurricane in the Atlantic Basin ever recorded. It weakened to a tropical low and then Friday it re-emerged back into the Caribbean, east of the Yucatan peninsula. It became a tropical storm Saturday morning and is now headed to Cuba and Florida and may meander in the eastern Gulf of Mexico much of next week before heading inland. Hopefully, it will stay a tropical storm.

Well, if it is not going to rain, it might as well be nice. This weekend will see highs in the 70s with lows around 60. The wind will be a bit annoying.

It is looking good out at Arrowhead on Sunday. A November game with highs in the 70s does not happen too often.

The beautiful fall foliage is now ending up on the ground. The wind this weekend will continue to put the leaves on the ground. Temperature wise it is good weather for leaf gathering. The wind will create some issues.

The video below has details on our next rain chance and Eta.

Have a great weekend and stay healthy.