Weather Blog | Weather pattern shift should end our dry spell

Posted at 8:02 AM, Sep 03, 2023

Good Sunday bloggers,

The continued cloudless sky and dry air have at least been giving us good views of the morning star, Venus. We will be 10 times cooler today than Venus. They will see a high around 900°.


We will be 105 times cooler than the sun today as they will see a high of 10,000°. So, it can always be worse.


We are seeing some changes that could end our current 21-day dry spell and cool us off. The question is, which day will the dry spell end? As usual we have some data discrepancy. Could it end on Labor Day? There will be a storm system moving through Missouri.

Details are in the six-minute video below.
Have a great, and safe rest of your Labor Day weekend.
Stay healthy