Weather Blog: Weather Systems are doing a Dance around KC

Posted at 9:38 AM, May 03, 2021
and last updated 2021-05-03 12:59:58-04

Good Monday bloggers,

There are four weather features to track, but they are seemingly doing a dance around our area. This is not necessarily a bad thing as it keeps us away from severe weather threats. And, we do not really need rain at this time.

The four weather features are a storm system that tracked south of KC Sunday making it look like rain all day, but none fell. Look what the storm system did about 80 miles south of KC. It produce a weird 5" rainfall event just east of I-49 near Nevada Sunday afternoon and evening.


The second and third weather features are moving through today. They are a cold front and small system tracking with the front across northern Missouri. The fourth weather feature moves through later tonight and Tuesday morning, bringing a chance of a cold May rain.

Around 930 AM there was a small line of rain and thunderstorms tracking just north of KC associated with two of the four weather features we have been tracking. This activity was located along a cold front and the second system we have been tracking. Actually, northern Missouri could use some rain as they missed out on the heavy rain last Wednesday.


This afternoon will be breezy and cool under a mostly cloudy sky with temperatures slowly falling through the 60s. We are not expecting rain. There is a chance of rain later tonight into Tuesday.

Details on our forecast and the dancing weather features are in the 6 minute video below.

Have a great week and stay healthy.