Weather Blog | Wednesday cold front, looking ahead to the next 10 days

Posted at 8:15 AM, Nov 07, 2023
and last updated 2023-11-07 09:40:49-05

Good Tuesday (Election Day) bloggers,

Our weather pattern remains rather calm, leaving us with one main cold front to track the next several days. We are also tracking low clouds. We will look into the next 10 days as well. Any changes?

The gorgeous sunrise through high clouds was interrupted by low clouds. These low clouds should not become a solid overcast all day. So, we are still going to keep our high temperature forecast of 74°.


You can see where there are no low clouds, highs may reach the upper 70s. In areas where clouds are more prevalent, highs will be in the upper 60s to low 70s. Regardless, it will be a nice day for heading to the polls on this election day. There will not be any rain from the clouds.


A cold front will move through during the morning. A thick band of low clouds will form along and behind the front. There may be some mist, but we are not expecting any measurable rain.

The biggest issue will be the temperature forecast. There is a trend to seeing the front come in during the morning and having the thick band of low clouds in our area during peak heating. So, we may see temperatures during the day around 60°. Locations ahead of the front will see highs near 80°. Locations behind the front and the low clouds may rebound back to the mid and upper 60s. This is not a strong cold front.


Before we look at the next 10 days. Let's look back at the last 30 days. Rainfall was 6"-8" from around Emporia, KS to Richmond, MO. 8"-13" rainfall amounts were found around Emporia. This knocked the drought down a category in this zone 6" to 13" rainfall zone. Now, look at northwest Missouri. Rainfall was 1"-2". They still need quite a bit of rain. This also goes for locations in southern Missouri.

Also, 90% of the rain that occurred the last 30 days was between Oct. 24 and 29.


On the U.S.A. view you can see most rain the last 30 days occurred along and east of I-35 and along and north of I-80.


Our weather pattern remains rather calm for at least the next 10 days.

Rainfall will be below to much below average or none in locations that have seen the most rain the last 30 days. Rainfall will become above average in areas that have been very dry the last 30 days.

KC is in the mostly dry category. We may see some mist tomorrow and there is a chance of a storm between Nov. 15 and 20. But, right now, it is a calm weather pattern.


Temperatures will be coolest (below average) where there are rain chances. Otherwise, much of the USA will see above to much above average temperatures.

KC is in the above to much above average category which means highs mostly in the 60s and lows 35-45.


Have a great day and rest of your week.
Stay healthy.